Who We Are?


Our Mission: To design, innovate, & sell high quality hunting products at affordable prices. We take pride that all of our products are MADE IN THE USA. We want our customers happy with the end products and want their feedback in order to make sure they are satisfied. We promise to always operate honestly and pride our integrity.

Goal: We build our products to withstand the toughest conditions & hardest of hunters. All of our products are produced by waterfowlers and field tested for those hunters who are tough on equipment. We want to create long lasting products in the industry, make your hunts safer, more comfortable, and to help benefit our customers by making them more versatile. Our goal is to bring hunters together to enjoy God’s creation, create a safer environment, and most importantly kill more birds!


BUILT….IN….THE USA  When we began our business, not only did we want to help design and innovate more versatile hunting products for the waterfowl market; we also wanted them to be built in the USA. Everything in today’s age is being shipped and made overseas. All you see anymore is made in China. We felt like we needed to bring a change; bring back products to the USA and stand behind them.

We realize we are never going to be the cheapest, but we can guarantee we will stand by our products 100% and be proud to support our country. That is why all labor is done on US soil, sewn, stitched, welded, drilled, and assembled by US hands. We want to bring quality products, made in America, for an affordable price. Unfortunately, fabric mills are no longer an option in the states, so we had to buy our fabrics overseas. Other than fabric, we are providing you products made and built in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

If we don’t support America, who will? Stand alongside us, and help support the USA!