Layout Lounge

Layout Lounge

Starting at $125.00

  • Waterproof layout pad covered in 900 denier fabric
  • Fits in almost any ground blind
  • Soft foam made to make laying out more comfortable and enjoyable
  • Can be used as a ground blind alone in conjuncture with layout cover
  • Easily rolls up and extremely light, can be transported anywhere

The layout lounge is made for the run-and-gunner. Those who want to be low concealed with very little cover. Made to be used inside virtually any layout blind to add comfort for those long hunts in the field. Our goal was to make hunting in fields more comfortable while maintaining the lowest profile possible and keeping you dry from wet ground conditions. Closed cell foam keeps the water out of the pad while maintaining good comfort. A zipper was incorporated into the lounge cover in order to change the covers whether you’re in corn stubble or snowy conditions. Can easily fit between corn rows if wanting to use just a cover blanket. Make your hunts more enjoyable and comfortable with these affordable layout lounges.

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