A-Frame Blind

A-Frame Blind

Starting at $425

  • Aluminum powder coated makes this product non-corrosive
  • Sets up in seconds, no instructions needed
  • Extremely durable, holds up to 3 people comfortably
  • Made to extend multiple A-frames together

The A-Frame is the new way to create your own cover. Why spend hours cutting up cover when you can bring the cover to you? This product was designed for any hunter to assembly with no instructions in a matter of a minute or two. Perfect for ditch lines, marsh areas, tall stubble fields, or gravel pits. Made from high strength aluminum, this blind almost indestructible. Light weight and slim design makes it easily storable and transportable. The idea behind this blind was to help those hunters who have a tough time concealing in layout blinds or can’t get around like they used too. When we designed this product, we wanted to be able to make it adjustable to group hunters, which is why we made it expandable. The D-Ring design allows you to add more cross supports and frames to add more hunters.

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